What Medical Jobs In Australia Are In Great Demand?

The demand for medical  and HR coordinator jobs in Sydney is very high, just as it has ever been in the previous years. This is primarily because of the ageing population in Australia. The fact that Australia is full of an ageing and growing population is not in doubt. The ageing population is because of the life expectancy that has increased tremendously at birth and the sustained low fertility levels within Australia. Birth control, healthcare and medicine have all made a positive contribution in ensuring that Australia has one of the most ageing populations in the world. Therefore, the demand for healthcare jobs has not waned a little bit. 

Research has shown that Australia is likely to face a shortfall of around 109,000 nurses by 2025. Similarly, the country shall experience a shortfall of doctors by around 2,700 by 2025. The most affected parts of Australia will be the rural communities. All the areas that need specialized skills are also likely to experience a major shortfall of doctors and nurses. Australia’s Department of Employment has projected that healthcare shall be the fastest growing industry within the country in the next three years. The department of employment believes that high acuity nurses as well as theatre and recovery nurses shall be the most sought after healthcare jobs.

The increasing demand for nursing jobs, especially acuity nurses, is predominantly because of the country’s population growth. The ageing population has also created a massive demand for the services of acuity nurses. The increased chronic health conditions in Australia have also led to a higher demand for the services offered by acuity nurses. With the rise in chronic health conditions, the demand for psychiatry jobs in Australia has also gone up. Experienced nurses and psychiatrists provide vital services in the healthcare sector in Australia. The increased government spending in healthcare has also contributed to the demand for such jobs.

Locum doctor jobs, just as it is the case with theatre and recovery nursing jobs have been in great demand in Australia in the recent past. This stems out of the fact that more people in Australia are able to receive the required health care services, including surgery. After the surgical procedures, the patients would need medical care to continue enjoying a smooth recover period while at home. The intensive care units and emergency departments in most hospitals are in need of specialized nurses who can provide theatre and recovery services. Therefore, theatre and recovery nurses from other nations should consider applying for work in Australia including CAD jobs in Sydney

The growth of the Australian health workforce has led many to specialize as locum doctors, acuity nurses or theatre and recovery nurses. Psychiatrists are also in great demand in the country. The rural areas in Australia have the biggest demand for doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. The regional areas are not far behind, as their need and demand for psychiatrists, nurses and doctors has been on the increase for a very long time. The advancements in medical technology do not signify that the demand for medical jobs is anywhere near waning in the next decade or beyond.

Successful Recruitment Sourcing Strategy

Recruitment of the right candidates does not merely rely on posting in newspapers. Gone are the days when people seeking for a job buy a newspaper hoping to find their luck in the job ads section. There are a number of options now available for companies and recruiters to try when posting job opportunities. Companies today have their own corporate websites where recruitment is as easy as filling out the contact and job forms. Others make use of career websites and the accessibility to applicants via the use of social media. Other companies take advantage of referral programs and word-of-mouth strategies.

Given the number of recruitment strategies available today, how do companies know which ones are the most effective for them and how do they capitalize on these to attract the right talents?

The key to knowing which recruitment strategy works best for an organization lies in analytics. Recruitment Team should have accurate records of the talents that are being found via each channel. This will help stakeholders identify where to allot their budget as far as recruitment is concerned. The common mistake companies commit when recruiting is that they merely view sourcing via a wide lens. In effect, they overlook the key data that can be used to make certain that their recruitment efforts are not wasted.

Creating recruitment sourcing strategy is not an easy task. But with the proper use of data collection and data analysis via dissecting each part of the recruitment process, organizations can properly uncover significant candidate information to improve recruitment strategies. Is your company attracting applicants via your own corporate website? Or are you getting applicants from job portal sites or LinkedIn? Or are you getting good referrals from your existing employees? Results of this analysis would all have a good impact on the company’s decision on how to further improve existing recruitment strategies.

After collecting the data, the next step is to identify how the collected information can translate into enhanced sourcing strategies. What companies do (especially those who leverage on corporate websites and use job portal sites) is that they track views and successful hires via the use of Google Analytics and other analytics tools. Once recruiters have a good analysis of where the traffic and views likely come from would they come up with action plans on how to augment their recruits using those media.

Other companies have proven success in the field of recruitment make use of some recruiting software systems or integrated talent management solutions wherein they collect pertinent information right from the talent acquisition and performance management phases. This is a great way of flourishing the company with business intelligence crucial to identifying the source or quality hires came from. This is the best way so far in ensuring that organizations base their recruitment decisions on processes that are most efficient in hiring qualified talents, have a deeper knowledge on the areas for improvement, and reproduce techniques that are proven effective.

Hiring in the corporate world is more competitive as it seems and talent recruiters are in a race to get the best and most qualified talents. With the use of Recruit Train’s resources, companies can expect to have their recruitment sourcing strategies be fine-tuned with their talent acquisition processes strategically planned towards more successful hires.